Danielle Cosgrove - An Empowering Warrior

I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Cosgrove and her mom a few years ago, and it was a wonderful moment that definitely  marked me.

thinking of you today!! Mom & Daughter ❤️ Danielle is an incredibly
sweet, and empowering warrior fighting thru CRPS. She initiated
TheProject3x5 which aims to be a source of hope, positivity, fun,
accurate information, and hopefully even inspiration through the daily
happenings of her own life. Her mission is to advocate, educate,
empower, and maybe even inspire those with CRPS/RSD, chronic pain, and
nasty little invisible illnesses in general. Thank you Danielle for
letting me intrude your personal space and making a portrait of you. #orangeinitiative #theproject3x5 

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